4 Tips How to Care For Natural Nails

How to care for natural nails is one of the tips for you who always take care of your appearance beauty. Nail is part one of our body parts found on the toe and the tip of your fingers. Nails serve to touch because it heightens the nails are very sensitive to touch. Besides nails also serves to protect the toe and the tip of our fingers were soft and very full of nerves.

How to Care For Natural Nails

Nails are very important for our health. Dirty nails will allow germs and bacteria attached to the dirt we get invade our bodies. It is therefore important for you to know how to care for natural nails. With natural nails, you do not need to linger in the salon for a manicure and do not need to also spend a lot of money. Natural ingredients that we will use in nail care is very easy to obtain and affordable. In addition, natural materials also make your nails healthy and clean and beautify our appearance. Because it reflects the attitude of the owner nail hygiene. If the nails are clean we will assume that the person likes cleanliness. On the contrary, if dirty fingernails we will assume that people do not like cleanliness, lazy and slovenly. You want to include people who where? Clean or slovenly?

Well here is the explanation more about how to care for natural nails:

1. Garlic

Seasoning trusted people of Europe can make vampires fear, turned out in Indonesia, even as one of the natural ingredients to care for natural nails. Garlic can make your nails become strong and shiny. The trick is very easy. You only need to prepare garlic to taste. Then peel the garlic and wash it clean. For those of you who have long nails plug in garlic on each of your finger nail. However, if your fingernails short, just rub garlic on each surface of your fingernail. How easy is not it?

2. Skin Watermelon

You really like eating a watermelon? If yes, should the skin of the watermelon do you waste. Because leather is a natural material next watermelon nails natural way. Provide watermelon skin, and then cut into small pieces of the watermelon rind. Brush every surface of your fingernail. And wait until the water of the watermelon skin dries.

3. Lemon

Lemons are sour and this fresh you can use to maintain the cleanliness of your nails and can make your nails shiny. Provide a lemon then slice-cut out the lemon fruit. Use each slice of lemon to clean your nails. And set aside some time or until the water from the lemon dry. Wash your hands and take a look at your nails net after cleaning lemon.

4. Aloe Vera

Take one piece of aloe vera have been peeled and washed. Then rub the surface of your nails with the meat aloe vera. Wait until the water of aloe vera that sticks to your nails to dry. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

Similarly, a few tips on how to care for natural nails. Do the above tips are routinely and regularly to the health of your fingernails awake and also make you more beautiful finger nails and beautiful.

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