Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache

Toothache, almost every person has experienced it. So what traditional Chinese medicine toothache? Traditional medicine is better and more done by the community, for which traditional means natural, natural allow safer compared with that containing the chemical.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 1

Traditional Chinese medicine toothache much choice. Here I will discuss quite a few, which might be easier to do.

Here is some traditional Chinese medicine toothache

1. Garlic

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 2

Garlic has good antiseptic compounds when used to treat toothache. This material is also very easy on the can, because in any home kitchen, garlic is definitely there. Garlic can be traditional Chinese medicine toothache powerful and inexpensive. Simply take a clove of garlic and place on the aching tooth by pressing using other gear. Hold for 5 minutes, then remove the garlic and then rinse your mouth with warm water.

2. Leaf Clove

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 3

Leaf clovers have properties to cure toothache. Wash five leaf clovers, then brewed with boiling water, then crushed clover leaf and squeeze the cloth. Put cotton in clover leaf juice, then stuffed in the tooth that feels pain.

3. Using clove

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 4

If before we discuss the leaves, now cloves. It’s easy, just chew cloves and input on the aching tooth.

4. Drinking hot tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 5

Warm tea was able to eliminate bacteria in the mouth, so hot tea can reduce the pain when a toothache. A used tea bag steeping can treat inflammation of the tooth. Simply place a used tea bag steeping it on the gums. Compress until the pain is reduced.

5. Using cayenne pepper

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 6

Sounds strange indeed, cayenne pepper may help cure a toothache. In cayenne contained compounds that have the function of capsaicin can relieve pain. Chili diluted with warm water, and then dips the cotton and cotton inputs on the aching tooth.

6. Gum distance

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 7

Many benefits of Jatropha for human life. Distance fruit oil can be used as an alternative fuel. The sap of the tree distance also proved to have efficacy treat toothache. Squirt gum tooth spacing on the sore. However, if difficult, use a cotton swab to take sap distance, and stick to the teeth ache.

7. Using lemongrass

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 8

Lemongrass which is used as a condiment in the kitchen, it can be used also for traditional Chinese medicine toothache. The use of lemongrass as a remedy for toothache is very easy. Boil approximately 40g lemon grass with 2 cups water. Simmer until the water a half. Water decoction of leaves of lemongrass is used for gargling.

8. Root kale

Traditional Chinese Medicine Toothache 9

The roots of spinach were found to be a traditional Chinese medicine toothache. Boil a handful of spinach roots with one cup of water and mix half a teaspoon of vinegar. Water decoction of the roots of this kale can be used to reduce the pain in the teeth by means of rinsing the mouth.

Traditional Chinese medicine toothache I have said may be beneficial to you who are experiencing toothache. The materials that I just mentioned are quite accessible and fairly easy way of doing treatment. Take this medication regularly until the pain disappears. Good luck and good luck 

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